Five Years!

This past Friday, Mr. Beck and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary – woohoo!

My mom, bless her heart, stayed with the littles for four days while we had a little anniversary getaway. She was a trooper considering she had just spent 4-5 days in Alaska, hardly getting any sleep. We are so thankful to have her as Grammy to our kiddos!

My love and I went to Wimberley, Texas and stayed at the best little boutique hotel – Hotel Flora and Fauna. If you ever get a chance to visit the Texas Hill Country, we highly recommend staying there. Children must be over the age of 12. There’s no smoking on the premises or in the rooms. It’s so peaceful and they have the perfect pool and hot tub. They also provide grills if you want to make your own food. Each unit has a little kitchenette with flatware, dinnerware and enough tools to make a decent meal on the grill. We took our sous vide that I gifted Mr. Beck for our anniversary and cranked out a couple nice meals.

Our favorite place to swim off the premises of our hotel was the Blue Hole. You have to reserve a swimming slot, but the city’s new reservation system is super easy to navigate. I would recommend reserving your swim slot as soon as you know you’re going to Wimberley.

We visited Jacob’s Well, which is a natural spring roughly 130 feet deep. Yes, you read that right. From my understanding, scuba diving isn’t allowed anymore except for special occasions and only for people with the proper licenses, etc. That wasn’t always the case – people used to dive all the time to explore the three caves that are accessed through the spring. An horrible accident put a stop to that and rightfully so. So now people jump into it for the thrill just to swim to the edge after they surface. It’s a cool 68ish degrees. Water from Jacob’s Well actually feeds the Blue Hole, so it’s cold, too! Unfortunately, the downside for us with Jacob’s Well is that the water was nasty this year. Algae and leaves…just gross! I would have enjoyed the temperature of the water (eventually…maybe) more if I hadn’t felt like slime was constantly swirling around my legs. UGH!

In the same direction as Jacob’s Well is a local rum distillery. Really nice, rarely crowded (so it’s nice and peaceful) and the Rum Sunrise cocktail is spot on. They, of course, have different tasting options and you can purchase bottles of their different rums and/or a bottle of vanilla extract made on site.

When we reserved our hotel room we opted to purchase swim passes for Cypress Falls at the same time. I believe Mr. Beck had actually looked it up online and it looked pleasant. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we were underwhelmed. It was basically a dirty pond – no pretty falls or anything. However…Cypress Falls redeemed itself and became the site of my first canoe experience with my love. Once I got over the fear of falling into the murky water, I really enjoyed paddling around the space. My only complaint at that point was that the space was so small. I wanted to explore!

We ate at a place called The Back Porch, which sits right off the edge of Cypress Falls. The food was delicious! So, there’s another redeeming quality of that swimming hole.

The canoeing experience was a bit addicting, so on Saturday we drove just shy of 30 minutes to nearby Blanco State Park and rented a kayak! Kayaks look small compared to a canoe, so once again I was a bit terrified that I was going to end up in deep water I couldn’t see through. I was surprised when the hardest part was getting into the kayak. Once we were moving, I felt considerably more stable overall and was able to enjoy myself. We saw a couple geese…got a glimpse of a turtle…observed what appeared to be bird nests made from mud under the highway that bridged the river…and briefly saw two other birds we were unable to identify. Since we arrived early, we beat the worst of the heat out on the water and I actually sweat more helping to get the kayak back to the park office than I did when paddling. “Paddling” doesn’t sound right, but I honestly have no clue what to say instead, haha. If you’re an expert kayaker, please feel free to correct me.

After some lunch, we visited the Deep Eddy Distillery in another nearby town. They distill vodka. Let me just say, the drinks they serve are STRONG.

That evening we met up with some of my love’s high school friends. They hadn’t seen each other in six years or so. They enjoyed catching up and reminiscing and I was happy to meet them and most of their families.

It was a great way to celebrate the first five years of our marriage. I’m so very blessed to be married to my man! There are times that I’m guilty of taking him for granted. There are times that I don’t love him as well as I should.

But grace. Lots of grace.

And God. God knit us together and He is our strength.

Here’s to the next five years!

Here’s to the rest of our lives!


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