Potty Training & Whole30


I dropped off the radar after the “scared of potty training” post. Life has just been consumed with making sure our kids sit on the potty regularly, making Whole30 compliant meals and now, finally, venturing outside the house with fingers crossed, sending up prayers that we get back home accident-free.

We’ve even made our first 3 hour trip to East Texas since the whole potty training adventure began. We made three stops, spaced as evenly as possible, and the littles did amazing. They were dry every stop and used the potty each time – Mr. Beck and I are so proud. Fast forward to today and Little Lady has already poo’d in her undies…twice. GAHHHHHH!!! God, we’re praying for patience and resilience!! We have yet to even attempt night training.

As for my Whole30 Round 4 Redo…I’m about halfway done with the elimination portion of the program. I love the food I’ve been eating, but the only real change I’ve noticed so far is that I feel fuller between meals. The need desire to snack isn’t nearly as strong. Totally a good thing! Definitely a non-scale victory. I did miss snacking in the car on our road trip. I should have prepared for that, but I guess I didn’t realize how much I snack on road trips, lol.

I was really hoping to start looking less bloated by now, but last Tuesday at the pool someone asked me when my baby was due. NOOOOOOO!!! It’s been months since someone has asked me that (not because I don’t still look pregnant, but I guess everyone I spend time around already knew so there was no one to ask me), so it came as quite the shock. Despite the intense desire to know, I have refrained from weighing myself in an attempt to follow that specific Whole30 rule. Can’t lie, though…after a stranger assumed I’m pregnant, it’s really tempting to go find the nearest bath scale.

I mentioned that I love the food I (sometimes we – at dinner time) have been eating this round of Whole30, so let’s look at some of our favorite recipes and their sources.

Some of my favorite Whole30 breakfasts are:

  1. Sweet Potato and Apple Hash (recipe from Paleo Running Momma)
  2. Apple Cinnamon Hot Cereal (also from Paleo Running Momma)
  3. Bacon Sweet Potato Hash (recipe from The Whole Smiths)

Remember, all Whole30 recipes are also Paleo, BUT not all Paleo recipes are Whole30 compliant! A lot of the Whole30 food bloggers I follow, also do Paleo adaptations and, thankfully, they’re good at marking the ingredients that aren’t Whole30 compliant so that you can omit or substitute with something else that is compliant.

A new Whole30 lunch that I recently came across (and can’t get enough of) is Paleo Running Momma’s Paleo Egg Salad with Bacon and Scallions. Y’all. I could eat the whole batch straight from the bowl. I loooove it. My favorite way to eat it is with butter lettuce. It’s messy, but worth it. Most of the time, though, I try to just eat leftovers for lunch since it means warming something up rather than prepping and cooking something.

Some of our favorite Whole30 dinners these days are:

  1. Pressure Cooker Lemon Olive Chicken (recipe from Health Starts in the Kitchen)
  2. Instant Pot Tacos (recipe from Living Loving Paleo)
  3. 3 Ingredient Instant Pot Pot Roast (recipe from Girl and the Kitchen)

That first recipe…it’s bursting with flavor that is so delightful to the palate. I can’t say enough good things about it! Mr. Beck agrees. I will say, I use chicken thighs instead of breasts because I just like them better. Little Lady ate almost two thighs by herself! The second recipe – what makes it in my eyes is her Creamy Cilantro Lime Dressing (the link is in the recipe I linked to above). The consistency is thicker than a dressing, in my opinion, but it’s the flavor that’s important not the name, right? Use an immersion blender – it’s so, so easy!! As for the third recipe, I have never enjoyed pot roast like I enjoyed this one. Seriously. After lots of dry ones though my childhood, I never thought I would like pot roast. Ever. But this one is not only amazing, but making the gravy by throwing the juices and onions from the pot into a blender is genius. No thickener needed!

My Instant Pot has been a life saver this last week. It seems like I made every dinner using my IP. I think I did anyway. Haha! It seems like my brain has a hard time remembering anything other than whether or not a child had an accident or not. If you haven’t bought an Instant Pot, I highly recommend jumping on board. It can be a major life saver. I’m actually considering getting a second one so I can have two things going at once, but that’s so rare it seems like a little much.

All that to say, potty training is progressing. Whole30 Round 4 Redo is progressing. Everything is moving (mostly) forward.

Just for the record, though, I don’t recommend doing potty training and Whole30 at the same time…they’re both very hard, time-consuming work. It’s exhausting.

I hope you check out some of the recipes above. Even if you don’t follow a Paleo diet or need a diet reset like Whole30, these recipes are REAL, WHOLE food and are so delicious! I can’t imagine anyone not liking them, haha.

Have a blessed day!

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