Looking at July

Our family needs a dog. Yes…NEEDS a dog.

But we were living in an apartment at first and pet rent/fees are astronomical.

Then we moved into our first home and the fence could barely stand in a strong wind, so getting a dog was just not an option. Now, thankfully, the fence is fixed and that’s no longer a hurdle.

However…Mr. Beck has declared that he would like at least one of the toddlers to be potty trained before we add a dependent fur baby to the family…even if that fur baby is already house trained.

There was a book handed down to us from some friends about potty training in three days and I’ve been nagging…encouraging Mr. Beck to take off work so we can get this done. We’re going to try to potty train both toddlers at once since Little Lady likes to do everything her big brother does. For that to be successful, I need a second pair of eyes and hands…and feet. Ha!

He surprised me recently by saying he would take off July 2-3 since he has July 4 off due to Independence Day. So now I’m looking at July…or at least the start of it…a little differently.

July 1 will see us taking the littles shopping for potties and undies – FUN! *ahem*

July 2-4 will see us painstakingly potty training and hopefully not losing our ever-loving minds.

July 5 will see me starting my Whole30 Round 4 Redo…because the previous four days will be about survival.

Can I be honest? As sound as this three day plan seems, I’m a bit terrified of the whole potty training process. Will we be able to motivate the kids? How are we possibly going to keep them entertained during this process?

You know those puppy training pads that you’re not supposed to buy because they teach dogs it’s ok to pee in the house yet they seem so logical it’s hard not to succumb to the marketing hype? I’m thinking about covering our living room floor with those because 1) it’s way too hot to spend all day outside and 2) I have no idea when we will be able to replace the flooring in our house, so I don’t want our carpet to be peed on all day. What do you think? Will those protect our floor?

Then, there’s the inevitable moment when we start leaving the house again. I don’t like being cooped up at home for days on end, but I also don’t like the odds of one or both kids having accidents in public. Not that I would be embarrassed – I’m sure it happens to everyone at some point. Dealing with these things is part of parenting…and life. It’s just that going anywhere with two toddlers is already exhausting (i.e. keeping them alive as we walk across a parking lot or even just getting them across the parking lot together when one wants to be stubbornly disobedient). But I’m borrowing trouble and I need to stop.

I want my children to be successful in this, but not at their expense. Does that make sense? Even if only one of them is successfully trained by the end of next week, that’s ok. If neither of them are successfully trained, that’s ok. They won’t be in diapers forever. If next week turns out to be too early, so be it. We will try again another time.

The mindset I need to adopt and maintain is that we are going to try and teach our children something new next week and none of us will be failures if this method doesn’t work. There are other methods to try later if this one doesn’t work!

Our kids will be trained eventually.

And, eventually, we will adopt us a family dog.

I will admit, though…I’ll be glad when we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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