My Facial Skin Care Regimen

Consider yourself warned – this is a long post. For good reason, though! Skin care is so important!! So, please bear with me and if you have any questions at the end, you can contact me via my Young Living website linked at the end of the post.

Also, please note that there are a lot of links in this post, so that you can go directly to the source and learn more about the products I’m sharing about today. Please keep in mind that all the following products are from Young Living unless otherwise noted. If you decide to make a purchase, please do me a HUGE favor by using the link to my personal website found at the conclusion of this post or use my distributor number 1632403. I would be most grateful to have you as a customer and team member! Thank you kindly!

Okay – let’s go!

Over the years I have tried so many products to keep my skin clear of acne. The products have ranged from something as simple and cheap as lye soap (strangely effective for a little while, though, quite harsh) to the expensive, million step Arbonne system (which actually completely threw my face into a horrible tailspin after two weeks of blissfully beautiful skin). Products I used within that range include Proactive, BeautiControl, Clinique, stuff you can get from the beauty section at Walmart…it’s funny, but I can’t remember what I was using before finding Young Living.

Anywho, since becoming an avid user of essential oils, my eyes have been opened to the harmful chemicals that are in most skin care products available in the local marketplace.

These chemicals have the potential to cause cancer and severely disrupt normal hormone balance leading to fertility issues. Eek! I already have hormone issues (thanks to hypothyroidism) so I most definitely do NOT want those toxic ingredients on my skin anymore (bye-bye Bath & Body Works) and certainly NOT on my toddlers’ skin.

So now, I’m delighted to share my current facial skin care regimen.

Norwex Body Cloth

This is what I use daily to clean my face. I wet it with the warmest water I can handle, spread it over my face for a minute and then wipe my face and neck. That’s it. At least that’s the only thing I do daily – usually 1-2 times. Once in the morning (it helps wake me up) and once before bed (because only God knows what is on my face by the time my day is done). If you’re interested in checking out this amazing product, my girl Lydia can certainly help you out and proceeds from her sales go towards funding their pending adoption. You can visit her website here.

Dry Brushing

Something I do occasionally (I can’t stress that word enough – I might do this once a week) is dry brush my face (my whole body, actually, but I’m talking specifically about my facial routine in this post). Here’s a great blog post from Wellness Mama about the benefits of dry brushing. This post is actually what inspired me to purchase my dry brush set (this isn’t an affiliate link – just wanted to show you what set I use because I like it).


This is another something I do, but it’s rare due to the two things above. I just don’t have to do it, really. When I do, it’s because I have the product and it smells good. Satin Facial Scrub is gentle, but has a nice tingly element, too, thanks to the mint in it. I’ve had the same tube for a while now – when I first bought it, I was inconsistent, but now the body cloth and dry brushing do so much good for my face that I don’t feel it’s necessary to use this daily.

Essential Oils

About a month or so ago, my right cheek was broken out. It was uncharacteristic since I’ve been more consistent with my body cloth and dry brushing routine, but I attribute it to grubby little toddler hands being on my face a lot, haha. Don’t get me wrong – I love my toddlers’ hands and it’s so sweet when they grab my face for a kiss or nose rub, but sometimes their hands aren’t the ideal level of clean when they do it. This particular breakout was stubborn! Some oils that I used for spot treatment are Tea Tree and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. I love the scent of tea tree – it’s quite refreshing! It’s well-known and very popular for it’s cleansing properties.

Royal-Hawaiian-SandalwoodRHS summed up in one word – SPA. I’ve been hoarding my single bottle for a long time, but I can’t anymore because I love it so much! Not only is it one of many oils that are amazing for your skin, but it’s one of the most relaxing scents ever. Between these oils and my regular routine with the body cloth and dry brushing, the breakout cleared up in no time. I use essential oils neat (undiluted) for my face as needed.



Savvy Minerals by Young Living

My facial skin care routine is only more complicated on days that I wear makeup – which isn’t every day. When I do wear makeup, there are several additional things that go into caring for my skin.

Prior to putting on my makeup, I loosely follow a protocol that I learned from Young Living Royal Crown Diamond, Melissa Poepping. She is the original creator of the Savvy Minerals by Young Living makeup line (happy dance – I love this stuff). Here is the protocol:



ART Refreshing Toner – a little squirt on a cotton pad and I’m good to go. It removes any remaining impurities that might be still clinging to my skin post-cleansing.

Frankincense and Patchouli Essential Oils – two drops frank, one drop patchouli in my palm, add warm water and massage into my face, neck and chest. Then I cup my hands over my face and take several deep breaths. So perfect!

ART Renewal Serum – I’m pretty sure this scent is heaven on earth…if I could wear it as perfume, I totally would! One pump gently massaged all over my face is all I need.


ART Light Moisturizer – this is the last thing I put on my face before applying my makeup…for now. They just released a new Mattifying Primer, but more on that in a different post since I haven’t actually used it yet. Again, one pump is all I need for my face which is then ready for my makeup.

I love my Savvy Minerals (SM)! There’s a learning curve (which I’m still riding, lol) to using it, but it’s so worth it! It’s beautiful, but most importantly, it’s CLEAN! I don’t have to worry about the ingredients. The clean ingredients DON’T break me out. That’s a win-win! If you’re interested in become a wholesale member of Young Living, but you don’t want to start with the oils…guest what?! You don’t have to because there is a Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit!!! (feel free to squeal and do a happy dance)


Before Young Living came into my life, I was wearing Lancôme makeup. When I stopped going to work every day, I stopped wearing makeup every day. Then Little Man, quickly followed by Little Lady, came on the scene and the time to apply makeup dwindled. But by that time, I had more information about ingredients and didn’t want to put it on my face anymore anyway…unless it was a special occasion (like date night or a wedding or something). Every time I wore that makeup for a special occasion I ended up regretting it because my face would inevitably break out. No matter how well I tried to clean my face after removing the makeup, my skin reacted because I had already detoxed all those chemicals and then put them back on for that one occasion. My face didn’t like that!

Then I learned about SM (before YL bought the line from Melissa). I felt that it was super expensive and it was unlike any kind of makeup I’ve ever used, so there was a fear of the learning curve. People who have used Bare Minerals are probably laughing at me right now…that’s okay! Go ahead and laugh. It’s the truth and it’s hilarious. All that to say, I held back from switching even though I knew it would be better for my skin. Fast forward to this year – about two years after YL announced SM as part of its new product lineup – and I’ve realized two things (after some research):

  1. Savvy Minerals isn’t any more expensive than Lancôme. In fact, when doing a price comparison, some of the SM products I use are actually cheaper than Lancôme and other big makeup brands. Considering the ingredients are CLEAN and so much better for my skin, that’s an INCREDIBLE deal! But consider this…as a wholesale member on Essential Rewards (ER) at YL, I earn points to redeem for FREE product every time I purchase a SM product. You can’t say that about other makeup available to buy.
  2. You can’t beat the learning curve if you don’t hop on it and get started! There are so many resources out there for using SM that I can learn new tricks and hacks at the click of a button…or two. Haha! The YL community is AMAZING and so HELPFUL! We want you to experience wellness like never before and part of that is putting things on your skin that are SAFE not toxic.

So, if you decide to purchase the SM starter kit, I highly recommend getting this, too:


I looove my SM brushes! Okay, love is a strong word…but you get my drift. The Savvy Minerals brushes are made in Italy and are suuuper soft. The case is super convenient. It will hold any additional brushes that you decide to add to your collection. One that I’ve bought in addition to the kit is the eyeliner brush.

To summarize, Savvy Minerals is my favorite makeup ever and I highly recommend it! As much as I {heart} it, though, I don’t want to sleep in my makeup (though I could if I had to without regrets).

Here’s one of the first tricks I implemented when I started using SM: Seedlings Baby Wipes – these are the perfect makeup removing cloths. Hands down. If you have a baby in diapers, SCORE! You have two reasons to purchase these perfect wipes.

There are also multiple makeup remover DIY recipes out there, but because this post is getting SO long, I’ll save those for a special post.

One skin care product that I’ve bought and only used once so far is the ART Creme Masque. I hate to say this, but I don’t love the scent of this masque (that feels so traitorous to say – insert nail biting). HOWEVER, my skin felt so gloriously smooth and happy when I removed it that I will definitely use it again. Seriously, it felt as smooth as a newborn’s skin.


I think that’s it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the products mentioned in this post…relax. My daily routine really is as simple as that first product I mentioned, which isn’t even a Young Living product. HA! The Young Living products support and enhance the benefits of the daily use of the body cloth and the occasional dry brushing.

I love Young Living’s products! They are trustworthy, safe products that I don’t hesitate to purchase and use on our family’s skin. You can check out my recent post, Why Young Living, to find out more about…well, why I chose Young Living!

All the statements above are my own – none of the companies listed above are paying me for positive reviews. These are products that I actually use and plan to continue using for the foreseeable future. Now, when you join YL and become a customer/team member of mine, I will earn commissions on every purchase you make and every purchase made by every person you sign up, etc. That would be a HUGE blessing to my family! I’m required by YL to disclose income potential since I mentioned it. You can find the YL Compensation Plan here.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…the end of this post. As promised, you can find my personal website here. From my website, you can join YL, make purchases, contact me directly, look up all the wonderful options YL offers, etc.

When you join my team as a wholesale member on Essential Rewards, I will send you a gift that will help you on your oily journey. The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is the first reference book I ever purchased for myself and it helped tremendously when it came to learning more about using essential oils and what individual oils and blends are good at supporting, etc. It’s really a great reference to have on hand as it is impossible to memorize every detail about every oil available from YL. Unless you have a photographic memory…that probably wouldn’t be impossible for someone with that gift. But I digress. If you purchase a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and join Essential Rewards (ER), I will send you one of these handy references as a heartfelt thank you for joining me on this journey.

You will also be added to the Oily Families Facebook Group – this is an amazing online community where you can ask questions, request recommendations, find support and rapport with other oilers, etc. One thing I learned early on is that community helps A LOT when you’re a new oiler! Another Facebook group I would recommend joining is the Essential Oil Club (E.O.C.) – so much amazing information there!


This really is the end of the post.

Here is the link to my website, again, since I rambled some more. I think it’s obvious how passionate I am about Young Living (and taking good care of my face, haha). I truly believe that these products can BLESS your family, too, as you ditch the toxins and replace them with CLEAN, SAFE alternatives found at Young Living!

Have a blessed day, my friends!


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