Why Young Living

In 2014 I started hearing about essential oils and the amazing tools they are when it comes to creating an atmosphere of wellness in your home. Now, in 2018, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of them. Specifically, Young Living Essential Oils.

Why Young Living, you say?

Well, perhaps the most significant “why” is found in their Seed to Seal standard, which is unparalleled. Due to that standard, I can trust that the oils we use to promote wellness in our family are pure and safe.


But here is another “why”. As a wholesale member of Young Living Essential Oils, I enjoy 24% off retail pricing and through their Essential Rewards program, I earn back 25% of what I spend in product value (PV) to use toward future purchases (all the praise hands for FREE stuff). Also, they offer monthly order incentives (for instance, this month I could earn a 5-ml bottle of Orange Vitality by making an ER purchase worth 190 PV) that get better the more I order. So, if I made a purchase worth 400 PV, I would get seven oils with a retail value of $220.73 for FREE with my order. Whaaaaat?! I know…it’s awesome.

Here are a couple graphics that explain it all. First, let’s look at the Essential Rewards program…

OF ER Graphic

Did you see the third and fourth bullet points from the image above? Not only do you earn points back to redeem for FREE product on future purchases, BUT they also send you gifts for being a loyal customer. I absolutely love the scent of the Loyalty blend and I’m kind of hoarding it, haha.

Next, let’s look at the June 2018 promos…

June 2018 YL Promos

My third “why” is the income potential. Bear with me, here’s another graphic…


It is my hope and desire to contribute to the financial stability of my family. I’m blessed to be able to stay home with our kids, but it doesn’t come without financial strain from time to time. So my third “why” is that I would like for our family to be debt free. I would like for our family to be able to take crazy awesome vacations – for our kids to have experiences that I never had as a child. I would like to sponsor more children through Family Legacy (even take our whole family to serve during CampLife) and make large donations to organizations like Save the Storks. I would like to leave a legacy for our kids – not only financially, but for them to see that hard work is worth it.

As I’m sitting here thinking about all of this, I realize that even though the Seed to Seal standard is VERY significant, the absolute most important “why” is my family’s health. The more I learn about the toxic ingredients present in most cleaning and bath/body products on the market, the more convinced I am that those products are the cause behind the rise in cancer and infertility issues. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it absorbs everything with which we come into contact. The chemicals have negative impacts on our bodies. I trust that the products I purchase from Young Living are free of these chemicals and I have complete confidence in using them on and around our kids. The oils…the Thieves Household Cleaner…the soaps and toothpastes…the baby products…the makeup…I use them all because they are clean and pure. I truly believe my family’s health has been positively impacted by the use of Young Living’s products in our home and I’m confident that they can do the same for your family.

The key is consistency and recognizing that the oils are not meant to be treated like over-the-counter medicines. If you feel symptoms and grab an oil thinking that it will magically cure you, then you won’t see the results you desire. Daily, consistent use of oils builds your immunity, supports your wellness…that is where you will see the difference. It doesn’t mean you will never catch a bug ever again. But you will recover more quickly because you’ve been consistently supporting your different body systems.

If you’re at all interested in finding out more about how essential oils and other oil-infused products can bring your family to a state of wellness, please check out my website here. I’ve highlighted one of my favorite Premium Starter Kits (the Dew Drop home diffuser has lasted the longest in our family so far) as well as some additional favorite products that our family uses all the time. You will find a way to contact me directly through my website. I am part of one of the largest Young Living organizations in the world – Oily Families – so my resources are vast! If I don’t know the answer to your question, I know where to find it!

Will you join me?



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