There is More

A couple days ago I shared all about our outdoor chores and the Beckmobile’s transmission fiasco. But there is more hampering progress.

Friday, almost two weeks ago, I was coming down our stairs at a fairly fast pace and managed to slip and fall hard enough to, at the very least, severely bruise my tailbone. The first two to three days after the incident my ribs hurt so bad that I worried I might have damaged them, too!

Almost two weeks later, my ribs don’t hurt anymore (praise God!), but my tailbone…ahhh, my tailbone. It’s really hard to be motivated when just squatting and standing hurts. My kids want me to play on the floor with them…I try, but that hurts, too. And, yes, before you ask I bought a special pillow to sit on. I wish I could say it helps consistently. Sometimes it does…other times I feel like I wasted our money buying it.

So, there’s that.

Something else that is stumping my motivation is lack of storage space. I don’t think it’s a matter of us having too much stuff…not that we don’t. We could definitely stand to get rid of some things. But this house is seriously short on storage. It’s pretty much impossible to use the attic since it doesn’t have a built in ladder. I’ve never liked climbing attic ladders anyway. We have one little linen closet upstairs and a small hall closet downstairs. That’s it.

One solution we’re considering is a massive shelf hung from the ceiling of our garage where we can store our totes of holiday decorations. Now if we could just get it done! That would be amazing and so very helpful!

That’s really our only possible solution. We don’t want to rent a storage unit. No offense to people with storage units – we just feel convicted that if we need a storage unit that badly, then we have WAY too much stuff. Plus, we just don’t want that extra expense in our budget. Eventually we will build a shop in the back yard with a loft for storage, but that’s a future thing and doesn’t help us now.

Another need is bookshelves. We’ve tossed around multiple ideas, but haven’t settled on what we want to do yet. All the pre-built units I really like are expensive and we would most likely need at least two depending on the size. We’re both avid readers (at least, I was before becoming a momma to two toddlers and becoming extremely sleep deprived. I’m lucky if I can stay awake to read.) and have an extensive collection of books between the two of us. I don’t even have all my books here.

Some of the stuff in our closet that I would like to move out are old photo albums. They really need to be out on a bookshelf, readily accessible so we can share memories of our childhoods with our kids on a whim.

Here are some bookshelves I found on Pinterest that I like…

This one is from Molly at Almost Makes Perfect. I really like the simplicity of it. But there isn’t any storage space under the shelves. One of the things I like about built-ins are the cabinets typically found at the bottom of the unit.


The next one is a more traditional look from Kristin of Bliss at Home. Built-ins were my first thought when we started the bookshelf conversation. I wonder if I could do something other than white…? These don’t have cabinets either, but I love that they have speakers for their sound system on top.


But then there are these by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick. Those lights!! They are on dimmers…!! I really like that they have cabinets at the bottom. I could put child safety locks on them and just maybe that would deter my toddlers from getting into them! I would store board and card games there…and probably the photo albums. I think I’ve fallen in love with this built-in unit…I wish she had included a price tag on all the materials.


There are some absolutely incredible bookshelves on Pinterest and it was so much fun browsing through them. Unfortunately, some of my other favorites were not only not at all practical for our family, but just not possible with the space and budget.

What started as a post talking about why I’m falling behind in the home organization challenge has turned into gallery of some of my favorite bookshelf ideas for our home. Ha! I can’t deny that it would be really nice to have all our books readily accessible again.

I just keep telling myself to do what I can and do the best at it that I can do. Also, if we live in this house long enough, we will eventually get to all the projects on our wish list. Eventually.

We don’t want to incur more debt for the sake of instant gratification…as tempting as it is sometimes.

That’s all the rambling for this post. Take care, friends.



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