What is it about having curtains over the windows that makes a home feel cozier?

Maybe it’s a feeling of increased privacy.

Or maybe it’s an increased feeling of ownership because you added something that you picked out and installed yourself.

It’s probably both.

In my previous post I shared about how we found the curtains and where, including links to the specific panels we bought. The intent was to install them this past weekend, but guess what? Life happened and installing curtains didn’t happen.

But I changed that today. Today I took the plunge and installed them myself and I can’t tell you how accomplished I feel. Yes, I’ve done it before. Yes, I’ve felt the same sense of accomplishment each time.

I was super nervous the first time I embarked on the challenge of hanging curtains by myself. Thankfully, Pinterest came to my rescue with a neat little tip that I’d like to pass on to you. I wish I remember the original source of this tip, but I don’t. It’s been several years since I stumbled across it.

First, you want to determine the height and width you want your curtains to extend. Today, I decided to measure 5″ higher than the top of my window frame and 5″ out either side of it. I held the rod (not extended) in front of the window to determine the side measurements.

Find a piece of sturdy cardboard, preferably not damaged or crooked at all. Take your measurements and add an inch to each one. In my case, that meant 6″. Make a square utilizing one of the corners and two sides as part of the square – this means you’re only drawing two lines. Where the two lines intersect, I poke a hole using a large push pin.

Draw a second square utilizing the same corner only this time do a 1″ square. Using a box cutter, cut out the 1″ square. That is what you will put on the corners of the window frame to mark where you will hang the curtain rod brackets. I use the same large push pin to mark where I will need to screw the brackets to the wall because it’s easy and it starts the hole where my screw will go.

I need to do a drawing and add it to this post…I feel like that would make it so much easier to explain. Once the template was made, I had my holes marked and the brackets up within what felt like about 15 minutes or less.

When finished, I wanted to do a happy dance. They’re so pretty!

Now I’m anxious to hang curtains everywhere else, lol.

Be blessed, friends. I hope this tip helps you the next time you get ready to hang curtains.


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