New Year, New Projects

So, I’ve been kind of busy around here lately. Prepare yourself – this post is long-winded, haha!

The other day, while Little Lady napped, I took the few decorations we managed to get onto the Christmas tree (it was sad, y’all) off the tree. After loosening the bolts on the stand I was able to pick it up and toss it out the front door and later do the same to put it in the back of the Beckmobile. Dry, dead trees are pretty light. Our city had a dumpster placed at the local recreation center where citizens could dispose of their “live” trees. On our way to pick up Punkin from school, I swung by the rec center with the tree. Other than the fact that there was absolutely zero signage directing people to said dumpster, the process was a pretty simple task for me to complete. It’s amazing how accomplished one feels after getting something done.

That same day I managed to mostly complete a project that’s been sitting around waiting on me for almost a year. I don’t remember when I actually bought the fabric – just that it was last January or February. Anyway, my brother and now sister-in-law had built a little tent frame for my toddlers to enjoy and it was my job to make the cover. I had found this dark grey and white striped fabric at Hobby Lobby, realized soon after getting it home that it wasn’t quite wide enough and later went back to find a nice, coordinating solid grey to make up the difference. Other than a few minor errors that I most definitely learned from (in case I ever decide to do another cover for the tent), I’m really pleased with the results so far. All I lack is some hemming and deciding how I’m going to attach it to the frame. I was trying to decide between velcro (easy removal for cleaning) or making curtain rod pockets (harder to remove for cleaning, BUT kids wouldn’t be able to remove it). Then my life mentor suggested making ties (which would be so cute, more complicated to sew and wouldn’t necessarily deter the kids from attempting to remove the cover). My indecisiveness has me frozen in a state of incompletion…which is kind of driving me crazy as I am so CLOSE to being done. I just want to finish so my kids can actually enjoy it for awhile.

I may have to resort to the whole eenie-meenie-miney-mo bit…does anyone know how to spell that?!!

Last night I had an epiphany when I passed by a little bookshelf that I had repainted sometime last year. Sidebar – it’s kind of funny thinking of 2017 as last year…not enough time has passed yet to make that feel normal, lol. So, I had this epiphany regarding how I could put that bookshelf to good use as it’s simply been collecting dust since the paint was dry. I’m so happy with the results! Granted it is a partially finished project for the moment, but it will not stay that way forever. Back to the epiphany…I found my handy dandy tape measure and soon realized that it would sit nicely on top of a dresser I had repainted…last year…and placed in our bedroom. So now I have this darling hutch of sorts. My plan for the dresser is extra storage space for sheets and just whatever needs a home in our bedroom. It’s teal…of course. The same teal as our front door actually. The bookshelf is teal, too…haha. Technically a different shade as I spray painted it with a totally different brand than what I used on the dresser, yet they are surprisingly close. Almost close enough that a random person probably wouldn’t notice. Yippee!! The bookshelf wasn’t meant to be anything super duper special, though, so it needs a little bit of loving for me to be 100% satisfied with it’s new role as a “hutch”. Because let’s be honest…I’m using it as a bookshelf. The only thing making it a “hutch” is that it’s sitting on top of a dresser. (I just Googled that to make sure I was right…I am. Essentially.) I’ll sand the shelves a little bit and touch up the paint. The back is jacked up, so the plan is to replace it (maybe later today since Mr. Beck is going to Home Depot – must make myself a note to discuss this with him!) and cover the front facing side with a coordinating fabric. Since I’ve already done a project with both the paint color and the fabric, I know exactly which one I will use.

My hope for tomorrow later today (as I’ve just realized that I’m up past midnight again…yippee?) is to get curtains hung in the casual living room. I’ve only had the curtains over a year…are you seeing the trend here? Apparently 2017 was the year of unfinished projects. In my defense, I was doing a lot for TWO weddings in the family…

Moving on…

I bought these curtain panels from IKEA – aren’t they lovely?! In the same trip, I found these solid, navy pillow covers because the pillows we had at the time were just not my favorite. In the time that I’ve been holding onto them until I could find the PERFECT curtain rods and pillow forms, I debated whether navy and teal (my all time FAVORITE color) could coexist. Enter a quick Pinterest search for teal color schemes and sure enough – those two go together like peanut butter and jelly. I should have known, but you know. Sometimes a little affirmation doesn’t hurt (see above about the hutch).

Well, a new IKEA location popped up “just down the road” from us and we went last weekend and found that their curtain rod system is not only quite ingenious (you can literally hang up to three rods using one arm thingy), but also pretty affordable. Way more affordable than the homemade industrial pipe ones I really want(ed) to do…

All of that being said, lol, my hope for later today is to actually get the curtains hung. I’m so stinking excited to see them actually hanging…I could do a happy dance and we’ve literally not put a single hole in the wall yet.

We decided to do sheers behind them and I am loving the ones that we settled on…of course, I picked them, but that’s beside the point. The first ones we looked at were too busy to put behind patterned curtains because they were heavily patterned, too. Then I found something I liked…then I found these. It was love at first sight. Then I opened both sets of curtains at home and realized I loved them together even more. Like, they go together so much better than I even imagined! Don’t you just love it when that happens?!

Can I just insert here that there was a time in my past when curtains just didn’t do anything for me. At least not the excitement I’m feeling now. Nothing close. I just didn’t really care. I guess it’s a homemaking bug some people get eventually…?

So, yes…seeing those hung…that will be an exciting moment for me.

Finally, tomorrow is the beginning of the 2018 Home Organization Challenge organized by Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons. That link will take you directly to the free, printable kit on her website. I’m trying not to set my expectations too high. This is my first round of this challenge ever and I can’t afford to get a sitter every week (I so wish I could afford a sitter once a week!) and my toddlers can be soooooo needy. Especially when I’m trying to get things done. So, all that being said…this is something I’m holding with my hands open, but hoping to accomplish much for the good of our home and family. I don’t like the clutter we’ve been living with at all. I don’t like the disorganization that rules certain parts of our home. Honestly, though, I get so overwhelmed when I think about how to begin dealing with it. I saw posts about this challenge some time ago and then again recently and I finally read the plan. It seems so doable, especially since it focuses on one area each week. Surely I can accomplish much in a week, right?! The challenge is 14 weeks long. By April, I should be ready to have a garage sale.

So…new year. New projects. New opportunities.

Here’s to happy newness!


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