That Moment When…

…you realize your firstborn isn’t ambivalently sitting in his car seat anymore. There was overwhelming evidence last night when we randomly decided we were going to go look at Christmas lights after leaving a local church’s Back to Bethlehem program.

There’s a house in our town that won on the Great Light Fight show and we were anxious to go see it. The little ones were behaving so well despite being up past their bedtime (which is a miracle, people. A bonafide miracle.), so we thought “why not now?!”

Not long after that we decided we would wait until after church tomorrow night so it wouldn’t be quite as late. That being decided, we headed home.

When we pulled into the driveway, Little Man began to protest and we assumed it was because they had just started watching another Veggietales Christmas movie. (We tried valiantly to avoid pushing play before getting home, but gave in. Oy.)

We were wrong.

He said, “No home! Go see LIGHTS!”


When were you even paying attention to what we were saying?

When did you start caring about seeing lights?

I have no idea if going to see the lights after his protest was wrong or not. I mean, we obviously don’t want him to think that all he has to do is protest to get his way. But we were quite stunned – we had no idea he was even listening much less truly comprehending what we were discussing – and ended up closing the garage as we backed out of the driveway so we could go see the spectacular lights.

It is out of this world spectacular, too. An acquaintance from a neighboring town said she and her family spoke to the owners (who are allowing people to walk through the property and truly enjoy their light display) when they visited and they found out that the owners started the work of putting the lights up in June. Working solid eight hour days for four months, they were ready for the filming of the show in mid-October.

Little Man cried when we drove off. He wanted to get out to go see them so bad. The street was absolutely packed with people. A police officer was patiently directing traffic. We found some other light displays that distracted him from his distress…and we thought we were good.

Until we got home and he started getting upset again, wanting to go see the lights.

Oh, buddy…

I know this is random, but this newest evidence of how much our little man is growing up just blew my mind. I had to share.

I hope y’all get to see some amazing Christmas lights this year – it’s so much fun!


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