One Random Act of Kindness

This will be short and sweet.

Yesterday I had to make a very brief stop at Hobby Lobby. My children were in great moods…until Little Lady decided she didn’t want to sit in the shopping cart seat.

Y’all, I’ve given in and carried her before, but not every time. Usually I can get her distracted and calmed down, but yesterday…yesterday she wouldn’t have any of it. She wanted me to carry her.

I was sorely tempted to do so, but I can’t keep doing it or it will become a constant expectation on her part. So I resisted and she screamed.

And screamed.

And fought to climb out.

And screamed.

There was lots of snot.

Lots of looks from other shoppers.

Not all of them were understanding.

It seems as though there are never enough checkers and the lines are miles long whenever you have a misbehaving child drawing everyone’s attention.

Then one sweet lady stepped back and with a sweet, understanding tone and expression told me I could go through the checkout line in front of her. God, bless her! I’ve never felt so loved by a stranger as I did in that moment when I felt like I was going to lose all control if the situation didn’t change or improve.

By performing one random act of kindness, this kind soul helped me make it out of the store without breaking down in front of everyone.

By performing one random act of kindness, she showed me that not everyone is looking at me and my screaming child with condemnation.

By performing one random act of kindness, she showed me that there are still people out there who are willing to sacrifice something, even something so simple as their time, for others.

I’m thankful for that one sweet lady who, whether she realized it or not, loved me, a stranger, well.

You never know what one random act of kindness will do for someone.

Lord, please show me how I can perform random acts of kindness for others as I go about each day and then give me the strength and courage to follow through in obedience, even if it means being a bit uncomfortable or off schedule for a bit.


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