My poor blog. It’s been neglected this year. Actually, for the majority of it’s young life. Things have a way of coming at you from all directions and at the end of the day all you want to do is stop and rest.

No thinking or processing.

No typing.

No sharing.

There is also a quandary regarding how much is too much to share. There is no way of knowing who will read this. How he or she will respond.

There is fear of judgement and condemnation.

This last year, in particular, has made that quandary, that fear, even more difficult to work through, so I just haven’t tried.

Some events have been good and worth celebrating:

  • my middle brother got married in May
  • my Love and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with a lovely getaway
  • my baby brother got married a week and two days ago
  • we were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with the whole family together

Some events I wish I could forget. Some that I don’t mind sharing and others that I would like to share (who knows? Maybe someone else could benefit from reading that they aren’t alone in their struggles.), but I haven’t because…fear.

Hence, a neglected blog sitting here calling to me and being ignored in response.

Maybe, yet again, this will be a turning point and I’ll actually begin posting more regularly. There are lots of things I know I can confidently share:

  • things that demonstrate God’s goodness
  • things I love about essential oils
  • things happening with Beck Life Photography
  • things that other women (might) need to hear
  • things happening this Christmas in our family

So, keep your eyes peeled…if you’re still following, haha. This blogger REALLY wants to get back in the saddle.