The Definition of Horrified

I’ve been a less-than-stellar blogger lately, but I felt this story would be a good way to come back. It should at least provide some laughs, especially once I’m done being completely horrified.

According to, “horrified” means to be “struck with horror; shocked”.

Yep. That’s definitely what I am.

I’ve heard stories of babies/toddlers removing their diapers and smearing poop on walls and pretty much every other surface within their reach. I’ve heard stories of babies/toddlers pooping in the bathtub. Thankfully, those nightmares have been avoided in the past 26+ months of parenting. I attribute it to keeping both my baby and toddler clothed 98% of the time. (No, that’s not an official percentage, but a complete guesstimate based off what I can remember of the past 26+ months. Ha!) Prevention is half the battle, right? I should clarify, though – they aren’t dressed in the bathtub. Ha! No, that no poo in the tub thing has been luck, lol.

Though we have had a minor incident in the past – post-bath peeing on the carpet because I was diapering and clothing  sister first and brother was running around naked as naked can be – there has been nothing but occasional blowouts when it comes to poop.

Until today.

Please tell me I’m not the only mom who occasionally attempts to use the TV as a babysitter so that I can have a few undistracted moments to take care of myself or a task that needs my attention. Please?

I didn’t think I was gone very long this time, but as I went back downstairs everything just seemed too quiet. Upon rounding the corner into our casual living space, my toddler holds out his “underwear” (Pampers Easy Ups) and says, “poopoo!”

Cue horrification.

His little bottom covered.

Our leather ottoman.

Our leather sofa.

Maybe I should be grateful they’re leather?

Cue sending the toddler upstairs to the bathtub.

Cue the bottle of Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner and paper towels.

Cue grabbing the baby and checking for any signs that she might have brother’s poop on her.

Y’all…her hands smells suspiciously poopy and we all know what babies do with their fingers and hands. Straight to the mouth.

Cue more horrification.

Cue bath for both baby and toddler.

Cue a long talk with toddler about what to do when he needs to pee or poopoo. I am praying that something about that long talk was comprehended.

Cue googling “what do I do if I suspect my baby ate poop?”

Thankfully, nothing is new under the sun (You can find that in Ecclesiastes. King Solomon didn’t always make the right choices, but thanks to one right choice God blessed him with an extra measure of wisdom soon after he became king.) and I easily found multiple articles indicating 1) I’m not the only mom this has happened to and 2) unless she gets a fever, Little Lady should suffer no more than a little diarrhea, if anything at all. Needless to say, I’m encouraging her to drink as much water as possible.

Once they were both cleaned up, dressed and playing again, I went back downstairs to sanitize some more. Thankfully, I didn’t find any wet spots that might indicate another “pee on the carpet” experience, but I’m still so anxious that I might have missed something. Will you pray with me that I didn’t, please?

A drop of Acceptance essential oil blend over my heart and a rub of Tranquil essential oil blend across the back of my neck – both sound perfect right now. Both are emotional oil blends by Young Living for whom I’m a distributor. If you’re interested in learning more, you can go to and use my distributor number 1632403. Hopefully, I’ll get a direct link button on here soon.

One day I might laugh about this escapade. For now, I’m the definition of horrified.


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