Photography Portfolio Begins

I’m proud of myself.


Because despite feeling like I’m failing at improving in the area of photography, I keep trying.

I enjoy it so much I just can’t seem to stop.

My short-term goal is to gain confidence and skill.

My long-term goal is to make it a business that covers portraits (seniors, couples, families, etc.) and birth photography (I absolutely cherish the pictures from my son’s birth and mourn that we couldn’t afford to do it again for my daughter’s birth). Maybe weddings, too, though the thought of doing weddings kind of scares me right now.

This weekend one of my brothers and his girlfriend let me practice one them. They were so easy to work with (despite the cold weather and early morning) and very patient as I worked out settings and angles and poses.

Would you like to see how photogenic they are…?


I couldn’t choose just one.

Here’s a couple more:


It looks warm thanks to the early morning sun.

And them. They are radiating happiness. Love.

Thanks, y’all, for letting me practice. Mwah!!

We went to the park later with my man and the littles. Here are some of my favorites from that outing:

I’m so very thankful for each one of these members of my tribe. I’m thankful for the beautiful day we had today.

I hope you, my friends, have had a blessed day, too.


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