The Oily Life

Good evening, y’all!

I’m on an oily high tonight! My up-line did an all day series of videos sharing their oily routines to show people how many ways Young Living Essential Oils can be used each day to support wellness. It was awesome! (I sung that last sentence in my head, lol.)

Though I’ve been using oils pretty consistently for about two or so years now, I’ve yet to make a daily routine other than trying to make sure and shoot some Ningxia Red. That’s about to change.

The oils have definitely made a difference in the life of my family already, but I’ve really only been using them in a manner akin to over-the-counter drugs. That’s NOT how they’re supposed to be used! Oils support wellness! Oils help you live healthier so that you don’t need over-the-counter medications. That being said I’m super excited to start experimenting to see what works best for each member of my family including myself.

I’m also super bummed because some of the products I heard about today that I want to try are out of stock. Boo.

BUT that’s okay because I have oily favorites I have to replenish anyway! I’ve got an ongoing list of “Oils to Order” with prices and estimated restock dates, so that I can keep track of those items that aren’t available now.

Let me share some of my favorites with you:

Ningxia Red – this drink is the best. thing. ever. It’s made from a wolf berry puree and essential oils and, well, you should get you some. Or a lot. I would get a lot because you’ll miss it when you run out. A fellow oily person shared that a shot of NR (as we YL peeps call it for short) with a drop of Orange Vitality (part of the Vitality line of oils meant for ingestion) tastes like a Starburst. He wasn’t joking and now Orange Vitality is my FAVORITE oil to put in my NR.

Diffuser Blend – I can’t claim to be the genius behind the blend I’m about to share with you, but I can most certainly share it: Peppermint and Jade Lemon! It’s a happy combination to be sure. The moment I first smelled it at my chiropractor’s office I was in heaven. I usually use the same number of drops for each oil, but you can mix however. I’ve also enjoyed Peppermint on it’s own and was informed today that Jade Lemon Vitality in a glass (no plastic with citrus oils) of cold water is delicious. If I remember, I will be trying that tomorrow. Seriously, though, you must try this blend.

Sleep Support – I suffer from bouts of insomnia pretty regularly despite never feeling rested and always feeling exhausted. The oily combination that I’ve found works best for me is Lavender and Cedarwood. One time, I put them on the bottoms of my feet and could barely keep my eyes open five minutes later. No joke! It was that fast! Anytime someone tells me they’ve had trouble sleeping, I recommend it to them. Please note – smelling Cedarwood straight from the bottle isn’t my first recommendation. It’s not appealing in the bottle. But on your skin? That’s another story. It’s glorious.

Digestive Support – Every once in a while I eat something that just doesn’t agree with me. My go-to oils to help with that are Peppermint and DiGize. Whichever one I use (I’ve actually used both before), I just dilute and rub on my abdomen. I’ve also avoided certain unpleasant experiences simply by inhaling Peppermint straight from the bottle. (Inhaling through my nose, not chugging the bottle, of course.)

Season Change Support – You are probably familiar with issues that come with season changes. A lot of times that means you’re in major need of respiratory support. There’s a blend that has been circulating the oily world for a while now – Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint (affectionally known as LLP). You can also add Copaiba which is an oil that enhances the affects of any oil with which it’s combined thus making the benefits even stronger. I just mix it all with a carrier oil in a small glass bottle with a roller ball attachment (you can typically find them at health food stores or at Life Science Publishing online or just use an empty YL oil bottle and the AromaGlide Roller Fitments from YL) so I can carry it in my bag and apply it when needed. It works well for me to apply directly over my sinuses. Please note that when applying citrus oils, do so in an area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight because they are photosensitive. I don’t worry about it in my LLPC blend because it ends up being so diluted with the other oils and the carrier oil, but that is up to each individual.

Skin Support – Lavender and Frankincense are both great for skin! I use these for myself and my babies all the time. Both of those oils happen to be great respiratory supporters, too!

Well, that definitely isn’t an exhaustive list of my favorites, but my brain is telling me it’s ready to rest. If you have any questions and/or interest in becoming an oily friend through Young Living, please contact me through my website here. I’d love to help you get started in your journey to support wellness in your family!


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