Moving Out, Moving In

Howdy, friends!

I’m still alive. Barely.

Moving is rough on the body and, in some ways, on the emotions and mind. So much stress!

Anyway, I’ve been absent because I’ve been super busy and exhausted and…yeah. This post may not even make much sense. It’s late and I’m at the apartment doing laundry because our washer and dryer (along with most of our bulky, heavy furniture) hasn’t been moved to the house yet. Monday is THE FINAL moving day. Woohoo!

As I sit here in the apartment we’re vacating, there are a myriad of emotions running through my heart and mind.

Surprise – because leaving is proving to be more difficult on an emotional level than I expected.

Relief – because I won’t have people banging and stomping over my head 24/7 anymore.

Excitement – because we will be in our own home able to make it truly ours with minimal restriction.

Sadness – because we have lived a lot of life here these last two years including bringing both our babies home to this place. I can remember the days as though it happened yesterday.

Those are the ones I can pin down and name.

Overall, I feel blessed. Blessed to have made so many happy memories here and blessed to be able to make more memories as we settle into our new home and make it ours.

(I’m also hopeful that we don’t have to go through this process again anytime in the near future. Ha!)

I’m looking forward to posting more regularly once things settle down. For now, though, I’ll mention this: I’ve been using Young Living Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils on the bottoms of my feet at night and sleeping like a baby. I highly recommend this dynamite combination! You can order at using my distributor number 1632403.


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