My Mind is Spinning

So, I don’t know if I’ve updated on the house situation…my mind is spinning and all I do know is that it’s been a little while since my last post.

We had an offer accepted on a house! Woohoo!

It’s not in the ideal location, but we’re not any worse off either. In fact, we may be better off in some ways. I don’t know for sure yet, but I’m hoping there’s less traffic to deal with on the new route to school. That would take a huge load off!

Now we’re just in the thick of all that has to be done before we can close. I’m finding that I have conflicting feelings. Some days I feel like our close date can’t get here fast enough and then other days I feel like we’re not going to have enough time to pack. It’s the oddest combination of feelings and completely illogical, but that’s what it is in my head.

As we wait, my mind is spinning with all the ideas for improving the landscaping and upgrading certain things inside to decorating and what kind of coop to build for chickens and how to utilize our new space the best…I’m sure you’re getting the idea. This is why I’m up so late almost every night. My mind just can’t seem to slow down and turn off for a few hours unless I do something to let some of it out.

Pinterest has been my best friend.

Tonight, I’ve been working on my new meal planning system. Not even house-related, really! Other than I want to take advantage of this transition to get rid of junk food and create a real food environment in our new home. I want us to eat healthy again and part of that is having good ingredients instead of junk food in our pantry. I’ve been pinning ideas for pantry organization, too.

So, would you like for me to share what I’ve done so far regarding my new meal planning system? I can’t take credit for it. One one of my late nights recently, I discovered Kristin’s blog at and I loooooove it! She is a rockstar at taking care of her family, making real food meals and toxic-free cleaning and personal care products. I think it’s safe to say that her blog is my new favorite!

I’m basically following her steps for creating a meal plan – I found the direct links on this page of her blog:

I’ve got “Family Favorites” and “Recipes to Try) sections started and a trial “Meal Plan Theme”. I say trial because I really need to see if it will work for us before it becomes permanent. It has to be realistic because I don’t want to waste food.

The plan is to have my meals for next week sorted out and a grocery list made by Friday, so that I will be ready to do my grocery shopping on Saturday. I feel like Saturday is a good grocery shopping day. I can either go by myself (if Mr. Beck doesn’t mind watching the kids) or we can go as a family – we would be accomplishing a necessary task together. Good opportunity for some decent quality time, in my opinion.

Aside from our upcoming move making this a priority right now, there’s the fact that I’m failing at my fitness goals right now. Failing in epic proportions. Between recovering from my shin splints in June and my husband’s trip to Zambia for 12 days ending the beginning of July, house hunting and just plain weariness…I’m not a smidgen closer to reaching my goals. Sometimes I get a glance of my reflection in random places and times and immediately feel sick at the way my body looks right now.

It’s awful.

When I think about where I was when I met my husband compared to now…I just want to cry.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my babies for anything. Not even a slimmer body. I’m so thankful for them!

It’s just that losing weight and keeping it off has been a constant uphill battle in my life due to my hypothyroidism and I feel like the odds are against me ever being attractive again.

I’m thankful for my love who is really good at turning a blind eye to the disgusting state of my postpartum body. He never makes me feel less than loved. He is always complimentary. He must really love me or something (wink and smile).

How’s that for a rant?! I think this post is a great example of how scattered and busy my brain is at the moment. Thankfully I’m finally at the point where I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. It’s time for bed.

Good night, sleepyheads. Sleep tight.


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