So, it’s past 11:30 at night and I really need sleep…REALLY…but my mind is spinning. My love and I are so excited about our house that we spent the evening dreaming together.

Dreaming about upgrades we want to make.

Landscaping for the back yard.

Our ideal kitchen.

The most affordable flooring that we like.

Shiplap, haha!

(Do you know how excited I am that he’s on board with using shiplap?!)

As hard as it will be to spread the upgrades out, we will have to be strong and follow our plan. There’s a few things that will have to happen right off the bat, but after that we will need to budget and save up for future changes.

We had the inspection today and while there doesn’t appear to be anything major at this time, there are a few things we’re concerned about enough to have some professionals take a look before we negotiate the final contract.

I’m praying that no deal-breakers pop up because I think we’ve already fallen in love with what will possibly be our new home.

For now, I’m just basking in the afterglow of the time my husband and I spent together dreaming tonight. It’s so special. We have looked forward to this since we were dating, which honestly wasn’t that long ago, lol. We’ve just had a lot of life happen in that time which makes it feel like longer.

I’m so glad to be experiencing this adventure with you, Mr. Beck!


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