So, last Saturday we had put an offer on a house we really liked, but upon hearing that there were multiple offers and they were taking the highest and best, we immediately started making another list of houses we wanted to see.

By Wednesday, as our agent was scheduling viewings for that afternoon, most of the houses on that list were under contract. So crazy fast!!

We were able to put together another list and that afternoon I loaded up the kids to go meet our agent at the first house. Mr. Beck was at work, so it was just me, the Punkin and two littles under two.

I must be crazy.

God was gracious, however, and we managed to see four houses (the fifth was locked) without too many major breakdowns.

We submitted an offer on the second house I saw and we are still waiting. I say that like it’s been way longer than the mere 26 hours and 12 minutes that it’s actually been.

We’re praying, trying to hold it with an open hand.


Holding our breath.

Trying not to decorate it in my head like it’s ours already. Seriously. My mind keeps drifting to paint colors and furniture arrangement.

According to our agent, we should find out something tomorrow morning.

It’s after midnight now, so not much longer now. Not really.

Yet it still manages to feel like an eternity.

Y’all…I’m not good at waiting.


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