Day One Overview

Day One wasn’t what I envisioned. It wasn’t what I hoped for…completely.

But, Day One is done.

It’s in the books.

My journey to getting my health back has begun.

The morning didn’t start the greatest. My paternal grandmother is not doing well. There is no way to know for sure how much longer she will be with us. So, the babies and I went to meet my parents at the hospital. That meant breakfast had to happen quickly. I didn’t have time to make something super healthy for myself. It was scrambled eggs and toast for Little Man and me. I did spread the jam thin. Aaaaand, I splurged and bought a tall Class Chai Tea Latte from the little Starbucks counter at the hospital before driving home. It was a great pick me up!

I drank a meal replacement shake for lunch (more about that in a moment). Shortly after, it was all I could do not to steal my son’s grilled cheese sandwich, ha! Consuming fewer calories takes some getting used to, of course.

I had a little snack in the car line at the Punkin’s school (more about that in another moment).

Then…the longest shopping trip ever ensued. Little Lady was sleeping so well before we left to pick up big sister from school that I figured she would make it to the school before needing to eat. Also, I was really trying to finish my meal plan and grocery list before we left, so we could stop by the grocery store on the way home. She did make it to the school. Good thing, too, because I got there later than planned and didn’t have time to sit and feed her in the car line. She was still doing well when we got to the store about a half hour later. But then she didn’t show much interest in eating and I had to pee. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s the truth. I ran out of patience and since she wasn’t dissolving into horrific tears when I took the bottle away, I didn’t feel guilty. Once relieved, I tried to give her the bottle again. She drank a little more, but there was still about 3 ounces left and she just wasn’t focused on eating. So, we started our shopping. Little Lady has been sticking her head out of the “mobi” wrap (it’s a homemade version) a lot these days in an effort to see the world around her. So, the Punkin pushed the cart where Little Man was sitting while I directed and picked needed items off the shelves and out of the produce bins. All the while, Little Man was losing his patience and I ran out of snacks to occupy him. I’ve never been so happy to get out of a store. Thankfully, Little Lady had fallen asleep by then making getting to the Beckmobile and loading it easier.

As you can imagine, I wanted to eat everything in sight by this point.

As I was starting to prep dinner, Little Lady decided she was hungry, so I made a bottle slightly more than what she didn’t finish an hour and a half earlier. Mr. Beck got home as I was finishing up with her. Yay! Someone to help entertain the children while I made dinner!

Except no sooner had I started dinner than I realized I didn’t have an ingredient on hand that I thought I did. I should have substituted something, but I didn’t. I went to a closer store and picked up what I needed. By the time I got back it was almost 7:00 p.m. Talked about hungry and borderline cranky…

I made a paleo cod recipe that I saw on Pinterest and thought sounded yummy. I paired it with a side of zucchini noodles that I sautéed with onion, garlic, grape tomatoes and basil. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It was all so bland. Typically, I’m ok with bland. Sometimes I actually prefer bland. Not today. So dinner was healthy, but very disappointing.

Let’s fast-forward to the point after all the kids were in bed. Mr. Beck and I were both worn out. We had both had a day that just sucked the energy from our bodies. But we took measurements and “before” pictures (I don’t think I can post mine right now – too hideous) and actually completed the entire full light body workout developed by his brother and a friend of his. I didn’t think I’d get through half of it, so I guess that’s a victory.

My legs and arms feel like jelly.

We ended the day with a green smoothie and a light massage with a post-workout oil (I’ll share about that,too).

So, overall, I’d say the day went okay.

There were three things I mentioned above that I said I would share about “in a moment”. Here they are:

  1. Meal Replacement – I’m using Balance Complete from Young Living (I’m a distributor!) for the first time. The instructions say to replace 1-2 of your least healthy meals with it, so I’m doing it for lunch. I typically end up eating a grilled cheese or PB&J for lunch because they’re easy. Well, this is easier and healthier. We will see how it works.
  2. Early Afternoon Snack – I got a free sample box from Graze to see how they work and if I like their snacks or not. The ones I received seem fairly healthy overall – there’s one with 250 calories, but it actually has less sugar than the snack I ate this time. It was composed of cranberries (I think sugar was added), chewy banana coins, mini strawberries and blueberries. It definitely helped curb the hunger pains for a bit. My verdict is still out on whether this is an affordable snack option for me. I do like that you can customize your boxes by letting them know what you do and don’t like and if you have diet restrictions.
  3. Post-Workout Oil – We used Young Living’s Ortho Sport Massage Oil after our workout to support our muscles and joints. It’s not that I’m not sore at all – that’s not the point. It supports muscle recovery after a workout and since we haven’t worked out in awhile, it was a huge help!

I’ll be using other oily products throughout this journey, but I’ll do a separate post about those.

What is your first day of a new workout regimen like?


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