My Journey to Better Health Begins!

Today is the day.

THE day.

As in, the first day of my journey to better health. The first day on my path to losing the weight I gained the last four years: through stress-eating (working two jobs), happy eating (because I met the man of my dreams and felt I could do anything without consequences) and two pregnancies (the postpartum blob that is my mid-section is just too much). The first day toward reaching my goal of running a 5k.

Y’all…I’m kinda scared.

Part of me thinks I’m going to fail because I’ve failed so many times before. I don’t have a workout plan lined out yet…other than using the Couch to 5k app to get back into running shape.

There’s no question in my mind about what I want and need to do, but I don’t know WHEN I’m going to do it. I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish it.

Last night I started to write out some kind of weekly plan and this, below, is as far as I got:

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday –

Monday –

Tuesday –

Ignoring the fact that my love, Mr. Beck, was distracting me (do you really think I’d ignore his attention? No way, no how!), it shouldn’t be blank.

The blankness intimidates me. Trying to make a workout plan to begin with intimidates me. I’m not an expert. Not a personal trainer. I know I need to start slow and build up so I don’t injure myself. At the end of the day, though, that’s only slightly helpful.

Here’s the list of activities that I’m planning to utilize to help me get into shape:

  • walking/running with Couch to 5k app
  • Zumba
  • resistance bands
  • a full body workout plan developed by my husband and his brother (former Marines)
  • improving my diet
  • utilizing Young Living products, including essential oils, to support my workout/diet changes

With two babies under two years of age I’m completely dependent on my husband’s ability to watch them while I’m away for walking/running/Zumba. As for using the resistance bands and the full body workout, I can do that whether they are around or sleeping.

One of my hangups is that I have chronic hypothyroidism. I always feel tired no matter how much rest I get. I always have trouble losing weight and keeping it off. I’ve literally cut my calories to practically nothing before to lose weight and as soon as I began eating like normal again, all the weight returned. There are many other symptoms of hypothyroidism, but these two things are the ones that concern me the most with regard to my goals. Knowing I have two little people who will be commanding my attention from the time they wake up until bedtime makes it really hard for me to wake up any earlier than I absolutely must.

You’re probably telling me to quit whining by now. Please know that I’m really not whining. I’m trying to be open and honest about how intimidated I feel right now. How scared I am of failing.

I’ve already broken down and bought a tall Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks for crying out loud and it’s DAY ONE…! I could provide an excuse, but it’s just an excuse. If there’s any victory there, it’s that I bought a tall, not a grande.

There’s not going to be a daily post through this process, but I do plan to post regularly. I may edit this post later to add my starting weight and measurements. Maaaaybe, I’ll post a “before” picture. I don’t know yet. That may be something I keep to myself.

What do you do to get healthy and maintain it?


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