My First Kitchen Hack

I’d say one of my favorite comfort breakfast foods that elicits fond childhood memories would be cinnamon toast. What’s not to love about it? Okay, so it’s not healthy by any stretch of the word, but that’s why it is more of a once-every-once-in-a-while breakfast dish rather than a daily one. My favorite cinnamon toast is super buttery and lightly broiled…in other words, I don’t want black edges on my slices! The problem I’ve faced in the past is that I would spend forever (ok, 10 minutes, maybe) carefully slicing and arranging butter on each bread slice until there were very few visible, butter-less spots. This resulted in extremely uneven butter distribution. Ugh.

But no more!

I’ve had an epiphany.

This excites me because I have “mommy brain”.

This epiphany made me feel like a genius…for about two minutes, ha!

Okay, okay…I’ll get on with it and share the goodness.

I used a vegetable peeler to “slice” my butter. Just ran it right over the top of the stick and it fit perfectly lengthwise across the piece of bread. I think I spent two minutes to butter four slices. Whaaaat?! Oh, and I didn’t use a whole stick of butter in the process either. So, that means my cinnamon toast was healthier, right?! Hehe. I wish.

That, folks, was my very first kitchen hack that came out of my head. I’ve never seen it anywhere on the internet – not on Facebook or Pinterest or on any blog that I’ve followed so, if you’ve already had this moment of genius, please know I’m not purposely trying to steal your thunder or take all the credit. You are aware, I’m sure, of the number of “kitchen hack” posts that are passed around and around and around social media. They always catch my eye and I always glean at least one good tip that I feel I can and will use in the future. Believe me when I say, this one is original to me. I urge you to try it! It’s life-changing in the world of making cinnamon toast!

You’re most welcome.

Of course, now that “Operation Workout Motivation” is scheduled to start on June 1, cinnamon toast is going to be off the menu for a while. I don’t think I’ll miss it too much since it has been such an occasional treat around here, but it certainly is a favorite that will eventually emerge from my oven again in the future.


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