Operation Workout Motivation

So, after having two babies in the last two years, my body is less than stellar. I can totally relate to that line in The Night Before Christmas that says Santa has a “little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.” It’s not flattering at all, people.

I’ve been bemoaning my body’s state, but haven’t done anything about it. Instead, I continuously find ways to stuff my face with all the nasty I’ve been craving since the last half of my second pregnancy. Why couldn’t I just crave fruit like my first pregnancy?!

Mr. Beck and I were discussing it tonight and I confessed that unless I have something – other than the obvious advantages of being healthy – to motivate me, I’m very unlikely to meet my goal. Though he looks amazing in my eyes (hands off, ladies! He’s taken, lol.), he brought up that he has a couple goals of his own. What we came up with is below and we’re calling it “Operation Workout Motivation”. Ok, so that sounds totally cheesy in writing, but that’s what I came up with on the fly.

It’s humbling to put any of this out there for others to see, but I am going to confess something else: I need accountability. If I put my goals here and make a point to blog about my progress, it will be a visual, public measure of my progress and, ultimately, my success. (Since this is my blog and I haven’t asked my husband how he feels about having his goals exposed here, I’m going to speak of my goals very specifically and his in very general terms.)

The official start date is June 1st. His birthday is next week and then there’s Memorial Day to celebrate, so we’re giving ourselves these last two weeks in May to continue in our dreadful habits and prepare to quit some things cold turkey – like candy, doughnuts, gelato..etc.

My plan is to get back on the meal-planning bandwagon, so that I can plan healthy meals and limit the times that we have to order pizza or eat out because I’m unprepared. We will also get back into the habit of sharing a green smoothie after dinner every night. There was a time when we did that for several weeks straight and loved it. Then I got pregnant the second time and didn’t want any food at all ever. Finding anything I wanted to eat was a battle. We’ve been in a downward spiral ever since. Yes…we. Because he sympathizes really well.

Without further ado – our goals:

Mr. Beck wants to lose 18 lbs and be able to do 20 pull-ups. Now, if I’m correct, he’s probably speaking in Marine terms which means 20 for normal people is 40 for him. They count funny. I say “if” because pull-ups may be the one thing they count the same as the rest of us…? He can correct me if I’m wrong. That was a trip down a rabbit hole…back on topic. His motivators and corresponding milestones are:

  1. A massage for losing the first 8 lbs.
  2. Shopping for some new clothes after losing the last 10 lbs.
  3. An outing to the shooting range for being able to do 20 pull-ups.

Knowing my husband, this will be easy for him. It might be difficult at first because we’ve allowed ourselves to get into this rut, but he will pull through with flying colors because he’s awesome like that. Things aren’t going to be nearly so lovely for me. There are a few things working against me…like hypothyroidism and all it’s ridiculous symptoms, two children under two years old, lack of self-control…ahem.

My goals are to lose 40 lbs and run a 5k. That’s right…I said 40. Where’s that little emoticon with the eyes bugging out?! I currently weigh 186…or around that. Obviously our weights fluctuate throughout the day, but this was my weight tonight. That’s insane, y’all. Insane. My motivators and corresponding milestones are:

  1. A pedicure for losing the first 10 lbs.
  2. Replacing my current makeup with all natural stuff from Sweet Savvy Minerals and/or Lush for losing the next 10 lbs.
  3. Getting a bayalage hair treatment for losing the next 10 lbs.
  4. Shopping for new clothes after losing the last 10 lbs.
  5. A weekend getaway with Mr. Beck after running my first 5k.

I know my goals are reachable. I’ve weighed under 150 before and not that long ago. Four years ago – right before I met Cam and started eating whatever came in sight because I was happy. I’ve also run before and loved it. I’ve missed it. There’s a long road to getting where I was four years ago, but I CAN and WILL do it! Aside from these awesome motivators and accountability, my husband is supportive and encouraging and that’s important to me.

So, maybe I should end this with a warning that I might be a little crabby at first. It’s going to be brutal establishing and keeping the routine and working to get my body used to working out again. It’s going to be difficult to stop having “accidents” at the store in the ice cream aisle. We’re going to miss going to Shipley’s doughnuts before church. Oh, my…

I can tell I’m going to need a LOT of that encouragement.


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